We engage beyond the walls of our business to create a better world by championing the causes that matter to our community. We believe in the power of our voice and our global brand to effect industry-changing policy change.

Areas of Focus

In addition to tracking and managing a wide variety of ecommerce issues, our eBay Government Relations (GR) team focuses on several areas that are critical to providing a safe environment for our customers while giving them a voice in the halls of power around the world.?

These areas include:

Government Affairs

The GR team advocates for legislation and regulations that support commerce, the interests of our company and our community of users around the globe. We work with government officials, politicians and public policy thought leaders. In addition, we consult with our customers and merchants to gain insights on how regulations might affect their businesses. Click here?to see our U.S. Political Contributions & Disclosures.

Brand Relations

The Brand Relations team creates strategic partnerships with brands and industry stakeholders to reinforce eBay's position as a trusted platform, protecting and optimizing brand assets and serving as a high value distribution channel.?

Advocacy Programs

We believe government officials listen best when they hear from you, their constituents. This is why our GR team offers a variety of advocacy programs that help you communicate with legislators on issues that are important to your business. Learn about our?Small Business Ambassador Network?and how digital grassroots campaigns can help you shape public policy for small businesses everywhere.?